Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hi I am Ridwan and today I am going to talk about my struggles and how I overcome it.

The PSLE was just around the corner and I still had a lot of revision to do. To be honest I don’t like revisions, I have never revised in my whole life. My teachers kept asking me to revise and I agreed to, but obviously I lied. I don’t revise because I personally think that studying in school and in tuition is enough stress for me. That is why I always try to remember everything that my teacher teaches me that day. Obviously, it’s not as easy as is expected.

               So back to the story, since I don’t like to revise and I don’t revise, I played with my friends after school and played computer games at home. After a week or two, all the primary 6 students had to do a mock test, not the teasing mock but something more like a trial. It was harder than I thought. I panicked. I was sweating like a smelly monkey. Well, not literally.  
            After the test was completed I felt the need to do something, URGENTLY! So, I did not revise but instead I stopped playing with my friends after school, I stopped playing computer games. Instead, I did some assessments and for the past two to three weeks. I think, I improved in all my subjects. By the time PSLE came, I was ready to face the challenge.
            After the results came out, I as mesmerised by my aggregate. Not only did I get first in class and get to go to express, I went above expectation.

             Now that my friends is how I overcome my struggles. How about you?

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  1. Hi Ridwan thanks for sharing your inspiring story ! So is it the Panic that caused you to start studying or are there any other factors. Do you have any advice for P6 students this year ? Thanks.