Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Name: Ridwan

Class: Perseverance 1

Date: 20 January 2014

Title: Story Of A Soccer Boot (Draft)

Story Of A Soccer Boot!!! (EDITED)

Hi, my name is T-90. I am a soccer boot. I am a very famous and extremely expensive soccer boot. It was  a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining so brightly and the birds were singing cheerfully. I was bought by a boy named Sarup.

He was a very talented football player even for a 12 year old boy. He was the captain of his school soccer team. His parents wanted buy him a pair of new soccer boots as he had won the ‘Best Captain Award’. And without a doubt he chose me. It was the best choice he could have ever made.  

After he reached home, he could not wait to tell and show his new and marvellous boot. He quickly took out his humongous phone and took a picture of me with himself using his phone. Then, he sent the picture to all his friends through Whatsapp. In a flash a storm of wonderful remarks, comments and questions were sent by Sarup’s friends. Sarup was feeling very proud of himself.

Since then, Sarup wore me when there was soccer training at school and soccer competitions. He never lost a match since then and called me his lucky charm. I felt so loved and cared by him. I was grateful to him for purchasing me.

For the past five months, he wore me. Then one tragedy happened, while Sarup was playing a friendly match with his friends, my soles came off. He felt very sad and depressed. He brought me home and cried to his heart’s desire.  His mother confronted him and told him to throw me away. I felt angry, sad and understanding all at the same time. The last moments I had with Sarup was very precious. But it was time for me to go.

He picked me up, walked to the kitchen. His heart was pumping furiously. Sweat trickling from his face all the way till his shoulder. He opened the trash can, I knew that it was the end of my relationship with Sarup. But surprisingly he did not throw me into the trash can, instead he threw a sweet wrapper into it. I was relieved but confused all at the same time. He opened a door to the store room and put me onto a shoe rack. I was mesmerised by the sight of astonishing shoes. On the wall there was a sign that said, “Room Of Shoes”. It really was a room of shoes. It was filled with all different kind of shoes. But the sad thing was all of them were ruined. I tried calling one of them but they were sleeping. But one of them eventually woke up. He explained to me everything from the tip of my hair to my toes. I finally understand that Sarup and his parents does not throw ruined shoes away as they were precious to them. From that day onwards I felt even more grateful to them and proud to be apart of Sarups family.

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